A blend of quality, convenience and beauty

The GoBook is a groundbreaking product created by Graphistudio that builds on three major concepts: high-quality, versatility and convenience.

These features, together with efficient lead-times, make it the ideal product for smaller events and the many different disciplines of portraiture photography.

The GoBook features a layflat continuous binding and two cover options: matte laminated photographic paper or GoColor leatherette.

It can be ordered with a matching GoBox (Basic Package) or without (Budget Package).

Book sizes

The GoBook is available in seven sizes:
Vertical: 8x12, 9.5x13
Horizontal: 12x8, 13x9.5
Square: 8x8, 9.5x9.5. 12x12

(12x12, 9.5x13, & 13x9.5 are not included in packages but packages can be upgraded)

Printed on photographic paper

The GoBook can include from a minimum of 20 (included in Budget and Basic Packages) to a maximum of 60 pages printed on photographic paper. 

The block

The GoBook features the patented binding system invented by Graphistudio. The layflat binding allows you to view the panoramic page without seeing a separation in the seam.

The Ribbon

Made in satin, the ribbon enriches the book while playing a leading role in balancing the colors. The ribbon is available in 28 color options.


GoColor is a high quality leatherette very pleasant to the touch. Its extremely resistant and easy to clean surface makes it the ideal covering. The range of 40 different tones ensures endless combinations to customize the cover and the box which make the GoBook an iconic product.