Stephen Cihanek



Stephen Cihanek


Hi. I'm Steve. I have found my passion in photographing weddings. After shooting my first wedding (which was a last minute, three day notice, emergency for a co-worker) I realized this is what I want to do with my life. Maybe I'm a romantic, I'm not sure, but here I am. 

I have a background in engineering and theatrical lighting. In fact there is where my interest in photography began. I photographed the shows I designed lights for in a local theater since the professional photographer insisted on using a flash. I wanted to capture my light. The actors liked my photos better so I figured I should look into this. I took classes at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and practiced every chance I could. 

Since then, I have shot over 100 weddings. I've also had my fine art photography in several local galleries and have been published in magazines and newspapers. It is still not a full time business but I'm lucky enough to work as a corporate videographer for a large financial institution, which I also love. And because of that experience, I am now offering videography services for weddings as well. 

I work with several other photographers in the area. I felt it was important to do my best to create a large network of wedding professionals so I have plenty of photographers to bring in as second shooters or back-ups. 

I am truly blessed to be doing what I feel I was meant to do. I am not great at talking about myself but I do feel it's important that you get to know your photographer. They are the only vendor that is with you from the beginning of your day to the end. If you decide to have me do your wedding, I want to make you feel like you've hired a friend, so please feel free to ask me anything you would like to know. 




Gear List (if you're interested): 


  • Nikon D850

  • Nikon D810 [x2]

  • Nikon D750

  • Tamron 24-70/f2.8 [x2]

  • Tamron 70-200/f2.8

  • Nikon 50mm/f1.4

  • Nikon 85mm/1.8

  • Samyang 14mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Angle Lens

  • Generic Speed Lights [x3]

  • Battery powered 400w Studio Strobes [x2]

  • AC powered 300w Studio Strobes [x2]

  • Quantum Q-Flash [x2]

  • Pentax K3

  • Pentax K5IIs

  • Sigma 24-70/f2.8

  • Sigma 70-200/f2.8

  • Tripods [x3]

  • Monopods [x2]

  • Backdrop Stand with several backdrops

  • Various C-stands, Lights Stands, and Umbrellas

  • PixelStick


  • Sony A7iii (Full Frame)

  • Sony A6500 (APS-C)

  • Sony A6300 (APS-C)

  • Sony A7 (Full Frame)

  • Sony RX0

  • Sony RX100V with 24-70/f1.8-f2.8 lens

  • Sony AX53 Camcorder [x2]

  • GoPro Hero 7

  • GoPro Hero 4 Silver [x2]

  • Tamron Lens 28-75/f2.8

  • Sony Lens 24-240/f3.5-f6.3 (36-360mm equivalent)

  • Sony Lens 18-105/f4

  • Sigma Lens 30/f2.8

  • Samyang 8mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Angle Lens

  • Pentax Lens 50/f1.4 (75mm equivalent)

  • Pentax Lens 50/f1.7 (75mm equivalent)

  • Pentax Lens 28/f2.8 (42mm equivalent)

  • SLR Magic Compact Anamorphot 1.33x - 40 Lens Adapter

  • Tascam DR-10X Linear PCM Digital Recorder

  • Tascam DR-10L Linear PCM Digital Recorder [x2]

  • Tascam DR-60DMKII Portable Recorder

  • Sony ICD-SX733 Micro Recorders with Lapel Mics [x3]

  • Zoom H4N

  • Zoom H2N

  • Sony UTX Wireless Mic [x2]

  • Rode Videomic

  • AKG C1000S [x2]

  • Zhiynu Crane 3-axis Gimble [x2] (for Sony a6300 & A6500)

  • Zhiynu Crane M 3-axis Gimble (for Sony RX100V)

  • Tripods [x3]

  • Monopods [x3]

  • Dolly Wheels for Tripods

  • PVC Track Wheels for Tripods

  • Mic Boom

  • Various C-stands and Lights Stands

  • GVM Led Bi-Color Video Lights [x2]

  • FOSITAN FL-1’x2’ Rollable LED Light Panel

  • 500 LED Light Panels [x2]

  • LED Light Wands [x2]

  • Several Small LED Panels for top of camera

  • CFL & Incandescent Stand Mount Light holders [x3]

  • 7” LCD monitor

  • Backdrop Stand with several backdrops includinggreen screen

  • Drones (though I am not comfortable yet to use these for clients. Plus I need to get licensed.)

    • DJI Phantom 2

    • Parrot Anafi

    • DJI Spark