I got engaged last December. I excitedly started planning my wedding right away, and bought my dress within a few weeks. I started a new job in the spring, and the planning momentum died.
I realized in the summer that I still hadn't hired a photographer, and my wedding was September 20th! 
My cousin happens to know Steve, and recommended his services. I reached out to him, and fortunately, he was available for my date!
My now husband and I met Steve a few weeks before the wedding to go over some details. I really didn't have many specifics in mind, so I didn't give Steve much to go on. Fortunately, his artistic vision was great!
We had a loud and long Irish-Italian wedding at my parent's property with no time constraints. Steve stayed way longer than he needed to in order to capture the fun party moments after the ceremony and formal pictures were finished. He sent me an amazing slideshow of photos TWO DAYS after the wedding that literally brought me to tears.
I know people who have waited weeks and even months to see edits of their professional photos. I couldn't believe it when I received the slide show so quickly.
I can't thank Steve enough for his work, especially since I didn't give him much to go on as far as ideas. He made it all come together in a truly beautiful way.
Hire Cihanek Photography for your wedding, and you'll be as impressed as we are!

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